MANN+HUMMEL established its Water Filtration Division to provide better services to worldwide clientele answering the needs for reliable and cost effective clean water systems. Globally headquartered in Singapore, MANN+HUMMEL Water Filtration Division provides clean water solutions around the globe, delivering safe, clean water for a variety of commercial and industrial use. With our extensive expertise and range of affordable systems, we realize clean and pure water for rural communities, manufacturers and industrial operations. As a water and wastewater treatment provider to global clients, MANN+HUMMEL design and manufacture our own modular systems with high quality membranes.

MemBio Series (Membrane Bioreactor) - Offering a one-step process for water recycling through the removal of suspended solids and micro-organisms, our Membrane Bio-Reactor Systems help achieves 50% space savings with its economical operation footprint. Through the use of hollow fibre membrane technology, the Membrane Bio-Reactor System may be applied for treatment of sewage effluents and other waste streams with high COD or BOD.

Klar Series (Ultrafiltration) - Able to provide a safe and consistent water supply without the use of water purification chemicals, our Ultrafiltration Systems offer substantial cost savings and low logistical and operational requirements.

Our systems are capable of removing foreign particles, bacteria, spores and parasites. They attain a turbidity of less than 0.1 NTU, and have a high bacteria removal rate. The Ultrafiltration system is suitable for clarification of wastewater, river, well and surface water, as well as colloidal suspended solids separation.

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