For nearly 35 years, Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) has been a world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membrane filtration systems serving a global marketplace.

KMS continues at the forefront of cross-flow membrane filtration and separation technology with membranes installed in more than 15,000 systems around the world, serving food processing, the life sciences, the water, and wastewater needs of various industries and municipalities.

KMS membranes support dairy, juice, wine, vinegar, biopharma, food processing and beverage applications.

KMS industrial applications include paint and pigments, automotive, bottling, power generation, oil and gas, pulp and paper, microelectronics and semiconductor processes.

KMS involvement in various water treatment applications includes high purity water, potable water, wastewater, industrial process water, and desalination.


We design, manufacture, and market:
  • Advanced aerators and mixers for water and wastewater
  • Package and field-erectable wastewater treatment plants
  • Drinking water treatment systems

All of our products are engineered to match your unique application and built rugged to provide you extended and trouble-free operation.
All our sales, application, and design engineers are located at our corporate headquarters. That way your project progresses smoothly and efficiently. That's how we've been doing it for over 20 years.

Typical Packaged Plants include screening, flow equalization, aeration, clarification, sludge digestion, and effluent disinfection. Smaller systems arrive nearly completely assembled and ready to run. Larger systems arrive as nearly fully assembled major components ready to connect together. Construction is based on fabrication steel tanks properly coated for long term exposure to wastewater. 
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Military Camps
  • Construction Camps
  • Refineries
  • Prisons
  • Food Processing Plants
Our advanced mobile water purification units (WPUs) are designed to provide a constant supply of safe drinking water in areas where reliable supply is absent or disrupted. Our WPUs can produce drinking water from almost any source including sea water, surface water, and brackish ground water. Systems are utilized by relief agencies, municipal and national ermergency aid agencies, military and police forces. 

WPUs also provide a reliable supply of fresh drinking water for troops deployed in the field, people displaced from their homes following natural disasters, isolated communities, or mining sites. The WPUs provide a complete system—from feed pump to treated water storage tank.

The self-powered units, each with a built-in generator, can be mounted on trailers for easy transport over difficult terrain or transported by truck, boat or helicopter. Quick and easy to set up with limited manpower (1-2 people), the WPUs are up and running in fifteen minutes. A sturdy steel canopy provides protection from the elements. Produced water meets stringent World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water quality guidelines.


GE offers a broad line of package membrane based water and wastewater treatment plants that are ideal for flows from 100 gallons per day to 5 million gallons per day. The simple and efficient design produces safe, reliable product water while significantly reducing capital and operating costs.

Pre-assembled and factory tested
  • Minimizes on-site construction costs
  • Ensures quick delivery and simplifies plant start-up
  • Cost-effective for virtually all water filtration applications
Superior effluent quality
  • Utilizes proven ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO) and complementary technologies
  • Ideal for direct reuse
Simple operation and maintenance
  • Requires minimal operator supervision
  • Most comprehensive cleaning capability ensures peak system performance
  • Significantly reduces sludge generation
Industry leading design teams and long-term operating experience ensure that GE customers receive reliable and trouble-free systems for:
  • Drinking Water
  • Wastewater & Water Recycling


Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC provides complete Air, Processed Water and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions. We’ve assembled a team of experts with extensive industry knowledge ready to assist with your project of any scale. We use our resources prudently and we deliver safe and practical high value solutions to our clients.
Ecologix is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia (Atlanta metro).  We bring high-tech to a traditional industry and with it, innovative solutions to the treatment of our most fundamental life sustaining elements: Air and Water.

Our Vision is to provide a cleaner environment through the use of innovative technologies.

Our Mission is three fold:
  1. To offer the most appropriate air and water treatment solution for a given circumstance, with uncompromising quality and value to our clients.
  2. To guide our clients with expert advice through the selection and implementation process.
  3. To deliver synergistic building blocks integrated into complete solutions with a reliable and repeatable outcome.
A list of industry applications we offer solutions for include:
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Industrial Process Water Treatment
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Metals Treatment
  • Food Industry Wastewater Treatment
  • Landfill Leachate Treatment
  • Air Pollution Treatment


Waterworks has had the opportunity to complete multiple projects worldwide since 1985. The skills and abilities of the Waterworks team have been demonstrated on a wide range of projects such as:
  • Turnkey desalination systems
  • Water recycle and reuse systems
  • Turnkey BOO (build, own, operate) and BOOT (build, own, operate and transfer)
  • Utilities systems management, sewage treatment, operations and ownership
  • Supply of potable desalinated water to resorts
  • Water and wastewater recycling systems for Fortune 500 companies and 5 Star hotels and resorts
  • The emergency supply and installation of turnkey water and sewage treatment plants for army camps
The Waterworks design team uses a coordinated approach, drawing on the best talents from our offices around the world. Our team continually contributes their knowledge base to the professional pool, bringing the organization forward to new levels of achievement, innovation and success.  


Applied Membranes Inc makes packaged water plants.

  • Over 10,000 commercial/industrial systems in operation
  • Our products are being used in over 100 countries worldwide
  • From packaged systems to custom engineered Reverse Osmosis systems, we can take care of your needs
  • We are one of the few companies that have the expertise to provide Reverse Osmosis systems for drinking water, boiler feed water, seawater, desalination, ultrapure water, USP water, and water reuse.
  • We have supplied more systems to more countries than most of our competitors
  • Our customers include major national and international companies in every field of application
  • We stock more components for all sizes of RO systems than any other company
  • We have earned an enviable reputation for our product quality, performance reliability and business integrity.

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