Following the merger of Eimco Water Technologies, Enviroquip and Christ Water Technology, September 2010 sees the emergence of a new global force in the water sector, dedicated to bringing the latest thinking, proven technologies and the most advanced application knowledge to the municipal and industrial clean water, process water and wastewater markets around the globe.
 Ovivo’s range of packaged wastewater units enable the establishment of amenities for a wide variety of residential and commercial uses where operation is remote from public water networks and cannot be reliant on attachment to them.

Ovivo also supplies pre-engineered units that provide complete wastewater treatment services to larger facilities such as truck stops, malls, hotels, holiday villages and other facilities whose commercial proposition depends on their remoteness.

Deploying Ovivo’s packaged wastewater treatment plant ensures that the best available technology is placed at the disposal of your site. Compact Ovivo systems offer reduced footprints and also manage water to maximize the eco-friendliness of wastewater treatment processes. The ease with which they may be operated and maintained and the robust, reliable treatment they provide are backed by comprehensive system and process warranties.


We provide total solutions – engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance – for the environmental business filed such as drinking water and sewage treatment equipment, industrial waste water treatment equipment and soil and groundwater purification equipment.

We have a lot of experiences as a total engineering and construction of drinking water, sewage and industrial waste water treatment system and do business in Japan and overseas. In recent years, we have expanded our overseas sales of submerged membrane bioreactor system (MBR) and seawater reverse osmosis desalination system (RO) that use membrane treatment technology, and we have begun to enter the recycle water business using our systems.

The Hitachi Compact MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) is a water treatment system which uses biological treatment in membrane filtration technology. Compared to conventional sludge treatment systems, the Hitachi Compact MBR is more compact and makes it possible to product high-quality treated water.

Combining activated sludge treatment and submerged membrane filtration process makes highly concentrated activated sludge treatment possible. Our low-cost system is easy to maintain, save space, and is suitable for small-scale sewage treatment to obtain high quality treated water.

There is no need to use a sedimentation tank for the separation of liquids mixed with the activated sludge because the system can maintain the high density activated sludge in the reaction tank. As a result, treated water yields are higher than ever before and saving space and reducing operation costs. Also, with our system there is no need to deal with activated sludge in a sedimentation tank.
The Hitachi Compact MBR was jointly developed by Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. and the Japan Sewage Works Agency (Governmental Organization). In addition to the MBR system, we can provide a RO (reverse osmosis) system, thereby providing treated water of still higher quality thanks to the "Hitachi Compact MBR + RO System."


Smith & Loveless offers a complete range of aerobic, biological wastewater treatment systems to meet the varied needs of industry, commercial facilities, municipalities, and private development. Our broad system list ranges from innovative membrane bioreactors, patented sludge busting biological processes, and complete extended aeration plants. Our pre-engineered systems come in factory-built and field-erected configurations, handling capacities from 1,000 gallons per day to 5 million gallons per day. All systems are tailored to meet design requirements for centralized and decentralized, off-grid applications.
Smith & Loveless actively pursues the patents of its inventions.  The Company currently owns more than 60 active U.S. patents, holds foreign patents in 15 different countries, has several patent applications pending and has more than 25 domestic and foreign trademarks.
 Smith & Loveless has actively engaged in R&D.  Smith & Loveless’ approach to research and development is both the search for new applications of existing product lines, as well as development of completely new concepts.  Through these efforts, Smith & Loveless has been able to enter previously untapped markets.  The company’s products are sold mainly through manufacturers’ sales representative companies, with more than 150 such contract companies located worldwide.


SEAPOINT offers a line of pre-engineered, packaged wastewater treatment products to meet the needs of commercial, municipal, government and military customers. These products are designed to treat mixed or separated gray and black water streams that are the typical products of residential, commercial and public facilities (non-industrial) and generate effluent that meets stringent environmental and reuse requirements.

SEAPOINT has products available to process up to 50,000 gallons of wastewater per day in a single unit. Multiple units can service larger volumes. These products have been designed to integrate easily into small residential communities, office parks, malls, resorts and hotels, rest areas, visitor centers, disaster relief operations, military/ refugee camps, and oil exploration platforms.

DESCRIPTION Self-contained, modular wastewater treatment system housed in a concrete structure producing high quality, reusable effluent Self-contained, relocatable wastewater treatment system producing high quality, reusable effluent Fully integrated, transportable wastewater treatment system with palletized components, producing high quality, reusable effluent
APPLICATIONS 5,000 - 30,000 GPD 5,000 - 30,000 GPD 5,000 - 50,000 GPD
FEATURES Automatic, fully integrated treatment equipment, with power and liquid interfaces, delivered in a durable modular structure Automatic, fully integrated treatment equipment, with power and liquid interfaces, housed in a durable, insulated, weather-tight, ISO container Automatic, fully integrated treatment equipment, arranged on pallets with electric and plumbing inter-
connections for easy installation and operation
BOD5, TSS ≤ 5mg/L,
TN ≤ 10,
fecal coliform = ND
BOD5, TSS ≤ 5mg/L,
TN ≤ 10,
fecal coliform = ND
BOD5, TSS ≤ 5mg/L,
TN ≤ 10,
fecal coliform = ND
Membrane bio-reactor (MBR) with odor control, ultraviolet disinfection, PLC control system, duplexed pumps and blowers Membrane bio-reactor (MBR), ultraviolet disinfection, PLC control system, insulation, duplexed pumps and blowers Membrane bio-reactor (MBR) with odor control, ultraviolet disinfection, PLC control system, duplexed pumps and blowers
OPTIONS Cold weather heating & insulation package, workspace A/C, sludge thickening, dial-out emergency notification Workspace heating & A/C, sludge thickening, dial-out emergency notification Sludge thickening, dial-out emergency notification
(provided by
Wastewater collection/separation tank,equalization/pump tank, sludge holding tank, prepare site with power Wastewater collection/separation tank,equalization/pump tank, sludge holding tank, support pad with power Wastewater collection/separation tank,equalization/pump tank, sludge holding tank, support pad with power and weather-proof enclosure for electrical equipment
Wastewater treatment facility for residential developments, commercial campuses, resorts, visitor centers, country clubs, RV Parks, etc. Stand-alone sanitary service for commercial buildings, seasonal camps, training sites, reconstruction, emergency management, etc. Integrated wastewater treatment for office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, etc.

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