The Sunspring™ is a solar powered, portable, self-contained water purification system that provides an opportunity to have clean water in more remote sites and areas of developing nations not currently serviced with water treatment. Here in the United States, the Sunspring™ can provide clean, safe water in locations such as parks and campgrounds, and has countless other applications.
Businesses and small communities in remote locations in the USA and around the world can now take advantage of the same membrane technology used by large-scale water treatment plants in a compact, self-contained alternative energy design.
The Sunspring™ provides high-quality potable water by physically removing pathogens, particulates and turbidity from virtually any water source. The Sunspring™ is a microbiological water purifier that is self-cleaning, efficient and easy to maintain.
  • Utilizes solar power and can be used in remote locations, all around the world.
  • Significantly blocks and removes pathogens, particulates and turbidity from water supplies. (contact manufacturer for specific claims and test data)
  • Significantly reduces colloids, turbidity, and organics (contact manufacturer for specific claims and test data)
  • Utilizes the same membrane technology chosen by large-scale water filtration plants  
  • Effectively treats groundwater, surface-water, recycled rain water or cistern water 
  • Automated backwash cycle for ultrafiltration 
  • Requires minimal water pressure to operate efficiently
  • Self-contained pressure pump
  • Pre-filtration
  • Customization available – options include R.O., chlorination, deep-well pumps, wind turbines, etc.
  • Self-contained enclosure 
  • Patent pending

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