Various Manufacturers of Packaged Water Plants #2

Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI)
As the world’s foremost provider of forward osmosis membrane and applications technology HTI has created a large opportunity to impact our world. Our vision is to realize the maximum potential of forward osmosis applied for the benefit of industrial, military, municipal, retail and humanitarian markets and to do so in a way that is most beneficial to our planet and environment. 

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc
Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. is a diversified water engineering and services company primarily focused on the natural gas industry. The Company provides water recycling services at the well site to provide clean water for energy companies to extract natural gas from unconventional shale plays.
Ecosphere's mission is to identify, create and produce clean technologies that solve a significant industry challenge, improve the quality of life and the environment, and are economically viable. Ecosphere has an extensive portfolio of patented clean technologies that can be purchased and licensed for use in large-scale and sustainable applications across industries, nations and ecosystems.

Aqua-Pure is dedicated to developing and commercializing technology able to process wastewater beyond the capabilities of conventional treatment. The company is focused on creating predictable and profitable markets for wastewater treatment too difficult or expensive to treat with traditional technology. Through the application of innovative equipment, Aqua-Pure has tapped into untouched market sectors and provides higher efficiency, lower cost systems than previously available. Aqua-Pure is working to transform wastewater from a liability to an asset by making recycling both available and affordable.

FilterBoxx Water and Environmental Corp.
FilterBoxx Water & Environmental provides Water Treatment Solutions for industrial, municipal, resort and aboriginal clients employing proprietary processes and technologies.  We specialize at working in harsh climate and remote locations. FilterBoxx Packaged Water Solutions Inc. designs and builds engineered water and wastewater treatment systems that are complete skid mounted packages. All equipment and components are fully installed and plumbed, electrically terminated, and mechanically commissioned before the system is shipped to site. This results in minimal site works and provides the client with cost certainty. FilterBoxx also provides turnkey installation, rental and operation services for all of our products through Combo Energy Services, a division of FilterBoxx. Our Research & Development department can evaluate any industrial process or wastewater problem and determine if we have a solution, including testing the solution using one of our full scale skidded pilot plants. We have treatment systems operating in Canada, USA and Afghanistan, we have been around since 2001 and we are one of Canada’s fastest growing companies.

Epuramat is a technology-oriented Cleantech company located in Luxembourg and provides innovative systems for the efficient treatment of wastewater. Epuramat was established in 2005 by Achim Kopmeier and David Din, Epuramat’s present Co-CEOs at the Luxembourg-based business incubator Technoport. Since 2006, Chaux de Contern holds a minority interest on Epuramat. Chaux de Contern belongs to Luxembourg’s largest construction material manufacturers for the past 80 years, and is represented as a group in the major region within the framework of the Eurobeton S.A. With approximately 170 employees, Chaux de Contern achieved an annual turnover of approx. 30 million Euros in its 2006 fiscal year. In 2008, the Venture Capital Firm I2BF (that is specialized in Cleantech) holds a share in the Epuramat business. One of I2BF’s portfolio companies was distinguished as a Technology Pioneer by the WEF (World Economic Forum) in 2008. Epuramat is located on the premises of Chaux de Contern, and in the meantime, engages a continually growing team of engineers, technicians, sales and administrative staff members, who all contribute to Epuramat’s business success. Currently, our activities are mainly spread amongst projects within Europe. We are receiving increasing amounts of international inquiries as well, which present Epuramat with new challenges for future entrepreneurial development and an enormous potential for growth.

Layne Christensen
Layne Christensen's Water Treatment Division designs and builts high capacity water purification systems serving municipalities, utilities, industry and agriculture. Engineered to the specific treatment requirements of each site, Layne designs and builds treatment systems utilizing the best available technology to provide safe, environmentally compliant water supplies. Layne currently offers water treatment solutions for the removal of radium, arsenic, iron, manganese, VOCs, Nitrate, turbidity, suspended solids, color, organics, cryptosporidium, Giardia and many other contaminants. Technologies used include membrane filtration ( RO / NF / UF ), pressure filters (catalytic, adsorption, ion exchange), aerators and air stripping towers and hydrolators. As a complete solutions provider, Layne's engineers, hydrgeologists, and other highly trained staff provide site evaluations, perform pilot studies and evaluate source water quality in order to propose the optimum treatment solution for each customer.

Met-Pro Corporation is a leading niche-oriented global provider of solutions and products for product recovery, pollution control, and fluid handling applications. Met-Pro's diverse and synergistic solutions and products address the world's growing need to meet more stringent emission regulations, reduce energy consumption and employ "green" technology. The Company's solutions, products, and systems include filtration and purification equipment for air, water, and harsh, corrosive liquid applications; fluid handling equipment for water, corrosive, abrasive and high temperature liquids; and proprietary water treatment chemicals. Through its global sales organization, internationally recognized brands, and operations in the United States, Canada, Europe and the People's Republic of China, Met-Pro's solutions, products and systems are sold to a well-diversified cross-section of customers and markets. The Company has a large base of installed equipment and derives approximately 40% of its revenues from recurring sales of parts and consumables. Met-Pro continues to drive margin improvement through global sourcing, consolidation of facilities, improved efficiencies and project execution, and favorable product mix.

Corix Water Systems
Corix Water Systems specializes in providing innovative modular and design-build water and wastewater infrastructure solutions. With over 40 years experience in the water and wastewater industry and over 400 plants in operation around the world, Corix offers unmatched expertise and a reputation for delivering reliable and high quality water and wastewater solutions. Wastewater

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