Corix Water Systems specializes in providing innovative modular and design-build water and wastewater infrastructure solutions. With over 40 years experience in the water and wastewater industry and over 400 plants in operation around the world, Corix offers unmatched expertise and a reputation for delivering reliable and high quality water and wastewater solutions.

CORIX Water Systems acts as a single source provider and delivers complete turn-key packages  that include the design, fabrication and testing of all units to ensure they are operational before shipping to site.
We also provide start-up and commissioning services, operator training and long-term plant ownership and operations for customers with limited resources. For this oil sands company, CORIX designed, built, pre-tested and delivered a complete wastewater treatment system, with the treatment process and all electrical and mechanical systems incorporated into a modular building along with external tankage for equalization and sludge storage.

The end-to-end process of design to fabrication is completed in a controlled manufacturing facility rather than in-situ, which cuts construction costs and speeds delivery times by eliminating the expensive and time consuming logistical challenges of on-site building and testing in remote locations.

Self-contained, relatively compact and transportable units are ideal for use in remote locations and applications where adding supplementary water treatment capacity is limited by space or other factors.

Our plants feature an uncomplicated and easily maintained design, resulting in reduced life-cycle fees and economical, trouble-free and long-term operation.

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