SkyBuilt Power and ElectroChemistry, a leader in high efficiency potable water production, have created a rapidly deployable, highly mobile water purification system powered by renewable energy. The SkyWater System provides clean, potable water for FOBs while reducing fuel, logistics, and operating costs. The SkyWater System combines SkyBuilt’s SkyTrailer™, a mobile platform and renewable energy supply, with ElectroChemistry’s Rigby Process for potable water production. 

ElectroChemistry's Potable Water System Features
The mobile water solution utilizes standard off-the-shelf components to produce potable and palatable water from any water source at efficiencies exceeding all other potable water treatment methods. Advantages are:
  • Rapidly Potable Water Production—Designed to produce 80 gph of potable and palatable water that meets Safe Drinking Water Act standards
  • Many Treatment Capabilities—Simultaneously treats and removes algae, bacteria, suspended solids, radionuclides, heavy metals, and toxic organic compounds
  • Low Power Need—Electrical consumption = 0.8kW/gpm; 1 kW-h/100 gal + pump requirements.
  • Scalable—Can be directly scaled down to a single man per day or greater capacity
  • Low Maintenance and Ease of Use—Maintenance includes periodic replacement of bag filters and treatment electrodes and draining and flushing of units
  • Highly Mobile—Mountable on standard military vehicles, skids, containers, etc.

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