Seccua is a global technology leader in the field of standardized, packaged ultrafiltration
systems for process and drinking water. Bacteria, viruses, Legionella and parasites;
turbidity, colloids and coloration due to iron can be effectively removed from drinking water
without the addition of chemicals.

More than10 years of experience in the field of ultrafiltration have culminated in systems
with proprietary control systems incorporating automatic membrane integrity testing, data
logging and remote monitoring and control. Our certified module manufacturing enables us
to offer custom sized UF modules to OEM’s, and our system manufacturing is capable of
producing over 1,500 systems annually.

 Based in Steingaden, near Munich, Germany, and Surprise, Arizona, Seccua has installed
over 400 ultrafiltration systems for residential, commercial and small-systems municipal
applications. Products from Seccua are primarily aimed at local water supplies and
industrial water treatment.

These compact systems can filter up to 30,000 liters of water an
hour (132 GPM), and are easy and inexpensive to install and operate. They are fully
automated and require low maintenance. They are ideal for places and areas not connected
to central water supplies, but are also widely applied in industrial treatment processes that
need full removal of pathogens and suspended solids.

The flagship in Seccua's product range is the Virex Pro system. This intelligent filtration
system can purify up to a maximum of 3,900 litres of water an hour (18 GPM). It
automatically detects how badly contaminated the filter is and automatically carries out
cleaning processes at the appropriate intervals, if required with automated chemical
enhancement. The control unit independently adjusts the interval between filter cleans, as
well as the length of each filter clean, depending on the water quality, thereby ensuring
simple operation and optimized running costs. The Virex Pro and Phoenix systems also
feature an integrated membrane integrity test:

The membrane filters used are regularly and independently checked for damage. In the
event of a membrane fault, the system is stopped automatically and triggers an alarm locally
and remotely. Thanks to this innovation, the removal of pathogenic organisms from the
drinking water and a constant high quality of water can be assured. Seccua is the world
market leader for this patented technology.

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