Expeditionary Unit Water Purification Systems
The 100,000 gallon (380 m3) per day EUWP is an Expeditionary Unit Water Purification System capable of supplying potable water from virtually any water source, including NBC contaminated sources. The expeditionary configuration of the EUWP is ideal for meeting both civilian and military operational needs such as nation building, stability and support operations, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, homeland security and homeland defense missions.

The EUWP consists of two separate ISO configured platforms that are compatible with commercial transportation and material handling equipment. It is also compatible with the Military’s HEMTT-LHS trucks, Palletized Load System trucks, and military line haul aircraft. A team of four trained operators can have the EUWP set up within 6 hours and it can operate unattended for extended periods. A network connection will allow the system to be monitored and/or operated remotely.

The EUWP uses ultrafiltration (UF) to produce over 250,000 gallons (950per day of potable water from a fresh water source and reverse osmosis (RO) to produce over 100,000 gallons per day from a seawater source.
The EUWP utilizes a double pass RO configuration to produce potable water when treating an NBC contaminated source.

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