Waterworks has had the opportunity to complete multiple projects worldwide since 1985. The skills and abilities of the Waterworks team have been demonstrated on a wide range of projects such as:
  • Turnkey desalination systems
  • Water recycle and reuse systems
  • Turnkey BOO (build, own, operate) and BOOT (build, own, operate and transfer)
  • Utilities systems management, sewage treatment, operations and ownership
  • Supply of potable desalinated water to resorts
  • Water and wastewater recycling systems for Fortune 500 companies and 5 Star hotels and resorts
  • The emergency supply and installation of turnkey water and sewage treatment plants for army camps
The Waterworks design team uses a coordinated approach, drawing on the best talents from our offices around the world. Our team continually contributes their knowledge base to the professional pool, bringing the organization forward to new levels of achievement, innovation and success.  

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