Pall Corporation is the technology leader in the $48 billion global filtration, separation and purification industry. Pall has become a $2.4 billion company by solving complex fluid management challenges for diverse customers around the world.

Pall Aria™ water treatment systems are designed to produce drinking water that meets today’s stringent standards. More than 150 systems have been installed around the world to serve communities and businesses of all sizes. Pall Aria™ Membrane Water Treatment Systems use uniquely designed filtration modules in a hollow-fiber configuration to remove the following contaminants from surface and groundwater sources: suspended solids/turbidity; viruses; bacteria; cysts and oocysts; iron and  anganese; arsenic and organics.

The tough, hollow-fiber membranes are highly permeable, resulting in high water production rates. Each module provides an active surface area of up to 538 ft2. Pall’s dedication to a simplified process and control design has produced a family of systems that are characterized by: operator-friendly controls; simple surface water treatment without coagulation; unique air scrub and flush operation; high efficiency, low waste; excellent compatibility with chlorine and common treatment chemicals; long service life and minimal cost of operation; easy installation using modular skids and compact system footprint.


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