HydroSecure® was initially developed to protect senior government executives and mission critical facilities, such as embassies, operations centers, and executive residences. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the Department of Defense, the State Department, and the United States Secret Service collaborated to seek the best available system for water security. HydroSecure was selected through a competitive solicitation and thoroughly tested in government laboratories.

HydroSecure® demonstrated superior performance and effectiveness in a series of tests purifying water that was highly contaminated with a variety of biological and chemical agents designed to simulate the “maximum credible threat scenario”. The tested contaminants included biological and chemical warfare agents, industrial and agricultural chemicals, biological toxins, and hallucinogenic drugs. HydroSecure was also tested for reliability of performance and long-term sustainability in harsh operating conditions.

The government has allowed us to make this system available to the commercial market and it is now available for the first time in a new, compact design. This new patent-pending, design, the HydroSecure II® series, is your opportunity to have the same approach to post-9/11 drinking water security that the U.S. government selected to safeguard high profile individuals & installations throughout the U.S.

• Up to 8800 GPD production
• 165 gallon water storage tank included, larger storage optional
• Connects to standard size 3/4” water line or larger
• Standard 240 VAC power
• Dimensions: 32”wide X 27”deep X 65”high (0.8m X 0.68m X 1.6m)

• Integrated touch screen controls
• Remote monitoring and management
• Continuous data logging and trend analysis
• Integration with household security systems
• Water that is free of objectionable chemicals such as chlorine, chloramines and possible
other disinfection by-products (DBP’s)
• Water that is free of hard-water limestone deposits without the need to add the
chemicals typical of traditional water softening
• Water that reduces costly maintenance of equipment and appliances normally associated
with hard water
• Water for bathing that is crystal clear, soft and free of chemicals
• Drinking water for you and your loved ones that you know is more pure and safer than
bottled water.
• “Plug-and-Play” operation, with all components pre-assembled in one unit for easy,
quick installation
• A five‐stage purification process for maximum effectiveness
• A sleek aluminum frame that fits in new or existing structures where access/space may
be limited
• Whisper‐quiet operation

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